I've been sharing my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop for over 5 years. A certified Photoshop expert, I teach professionals and enthusiasts, leading workshops in offices, at university and in one-to-one sessions.


Working in and around Liverpool, lessons are tailored to your needs and schedule, coaching you with a particular project or learning best practices and professional work-flows.


Learn to:


Design marketing materials and enhance your website and branding

Promote your business

Create and prepare images for social media platforms and campaigns

Create Social Media Content

If you want to learn how best to use Photoshop for editing your photography, design or for high-end retouching, please get in touch now to discuss your projects and work.

Special promotional offer £15 per one hour lesson. 4 lessons for £50.



Adobe Certified Photoshop CC Expert

Retouch and bring out the very best in your photographs

Perfect Your Photos

Make flyers and posters for your business or event

Design Flyers